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Creation Ponder

Posted Wednesday, June 27, 2012, at 9:38 PM

The Milky Way, is where we live, Tiny dot, on map of God, Universe like that God can give, Planet Earth like Pea sized clod.
Creation Ponder
By Arley Steinhour 062612

Have you ever really wondered,
Why so many stars in the night
Each Galaxy, has millions times a hundred,
Galaxies, hundreds times a million, bright.

Look to the night sky, if you wonder,
Why our God would want us here,
Sit down, look up, and ponder,
Peaceful silence means God is near.

God, makes things that to man be huge,
Down to creatures we can't see,
The bigger stuff, pleasing to eye, like lip rouge,
The tiny is where He put the ugly.

The little things will scare most folk,
I'll leave that group out of focus,
To explain why God won't even joke,
When mad or happy, or urged to poke us.

Toothpick, to us, a sliver of wood,
To God, a full grown Redwood trees,
God can't talk, like we think He should,
When He speaks, He makes Galaxies.

When Israel, stood at Mount. Sinai,
To receive the Laws, of God,
His whispers, to them a deafening cry,
They cowered, as if beaten by iron rod.

I can't tell you what God uttered,
In truth, don't care, but I do believe,
Not a joke has our God muttered,
Since He stuttered on Adam and Eve.


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