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FREEDOM 0 7 0 4 1 2

Posted Monday, June 25, 2012, at 10:22 AM

Only Young and Strong can defend, This thing called 'Freedom's Core,' On Freedom, the world must full depend, Or Slavery nails us to a Cage-door.
FREEDOM 0 7 0 4 1 2
By Arley Steinhour 062512

Standing on the tall rampart,
Leader cries, 'Look what I have done,
Tribulation, and I played my part;'
We find him gone, in Air-Force One.

The White House, won't be pretty,
The White House, won't stand tall,
I know this may sound petty:
Will the White House 'stand,' at all?

This world is filled with Freedom's Foe,
Who'd destroy, Red, White, and Blue,
Some without, but some within, you know,
Cry, Death to U S A, and the people, too.

Once there was a Temple,
That stood on Temple Mount,
The Priests said, 'It is simple,
to cheat, and still have Fount.'

Today, we're kind of like that,
Down to cheating I R S,
Leaders who only want to chat,
About new taxes, and ego's to caress.

Old people know the story,
of the war on taxing tea,
Patriotism, somewhat hoary,
We can't fight what we can't see.

That leaves our freedom in good hands,
The young, so brave, and bold,
Keeping Freedom in many lands,
So old folk continue staying old.

Remember, that we Old Folk,
Have a great-big part to play,
Reminding young of the future,
To relax, after having their 'Day.'

When we Old Folk Graduate,
To God, and our reward,
We'll compliment the young who await,
Prize for Peace, through use of sword.


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