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Last Tick of Grace rev

Posted Sunday, June 24, 2012, at 12:10 PM

When you see another drowning, Do you present a saving hand, Jesus calls us for our crowning, Agape Love, Front row, will stand.
Last Tick of Grace
By Arley W. Steinhour 090910
(revised 062412)

Have you ever heard a Shofar wail,
From somewhere in the sky,
Or had Thanksgiving dinner,
Without a pumpkin pie?

Have you ever read the Bible,
But, knew not what it says to you,
Because the words sound funny,
Some Black, some Red, or Blue?

Does a Pastor stand and speechify,
From Verses, one or two,
Stand at the door, when he is done,
To shake hands with 'them,' and you?

Have you left Church feeling empty,
Knowing, 'Full' is how to feel,
Overflowing, of God's perfect word,
After a Spirit fed three course meal?

You wonder why the tumult,
The world has gone insane,
Good is bad, and bad is good,
Like upward flowing rain.

You hear another brother say,
The Rapture's close at hand,
You look at him in funny wonder,
Is he talking about a Rocker Band?

He sees your look of query,
And gives a mournful sigh,
He whispers softly in your ear,
'That's when we learn to fly.'

No one has ever taught the verse, he shows,
You wonder 'why,' as it reads so clear,
First Thessalonians, Three: Seventeen, shows,
Something fantastic, just might be near.

The brother starts by saying
'This is the time when none can hide,
For Jesus is coming back to earth,
To snatch away His Bride.'

'By Grace, we're blessed; the gift, 'Rebirth,'
Not one Reborn, does He 'Leave Behind,'
Those souls, who are, face Hell on earth,
Daniels Seventieth 'week,' they find.'

'What makes you sure,' you ask of him,
This brother who shares all,
'Others have tried, and failed the test,
And got nailed to the wall.'

He said, 'Eclipses, soon, fit the days,
Of the Jewish Feast's of God;
Soon after that, Jesus rules the world,
With the Saints and Iron Rod.'

'These Truth's flowing, without cease,
From Bible's Cornucopian Horn,
Your hunger now will full increase,
Understanding of God's word, new-born.'

Too late for you to learn it all,
But the story now makes sense,
Twelfth hour in His vineyard work,
Yet, paid a full day's Pence.

Hour's left us, very few,
Final days won't be much fun,
Witness to God's unsaved souls,
You might help one turn to the Son.

The time is right, to gain your sight,
Tribulation Woes, soon start,
Fill your heart with Agape Might,
Repenting, if you are Smart.


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