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Road to Bride Feelings

Posted Friday, June 22, 2012, at 9:55 AM

Samaritan woman, at the well, Became the Bride of Jesus, Five times married, bound for Hell, Her Salvation speaks for all of us.
Road to Bride Feelings
By Arley Steinhour 062212

How does it feel, when called a 'Bride,'
By Salvation, through the Son,
Though my eyes popped open wide,
I'm not the only macho one.

I soon relaxed, Holly Spirit led,
To focus on deeper meaning,
Slowly grasping the truth He fed,
As an infant, through my weaning.

Then, came the time of childhood,
Where I learned the games to play,
Doing things, older children could,
Excepting Sabbath, I played every day.

Each day added, one more row to hoe,
To the growing things I did learn,
I didn't think about it, being on the go,
But, for new things, I began to yearn.

'Suddenly,' I realized, I'd become a man,
Young, and strong, ready to go,
Armed with the basics, thought 'I can,'
Join the world, to learn, and know.

Off I went, to see the world,
On a Fighting Ship, of man,
In awe, my flag of life unfurled,
Beyond basics, I knew, 'I can.'

Family-clan, with wife, began,
Following the 'Generation way,'
Children born, of woman and man,
With parent error, almost every day.

All, are grown, raising their 'band,'
I find my earthly job is done,
Except to witness to all at hand,
About being the Bride of Son.

Guys, and Gals, graduate as one,
Reborn, Bride of Emanuel,
No longer, God's daughter or son,
Beloved Spouse, Protected from Hell.

If you want the joy, of being the Bride,
Of which, we, each, are but a part,
Repent, your spiritual gate, real-wide,
Let Messiah's Spirit enter your heart.


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