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Posted Thursday, June 21, 2012, at 1:28 PM

On the back of horse, or colt of ass, Get the witness to those in need, Keep gospel flowing, but don't be crass, Offer Love and Warmth, they'll Heed.
By Arley Steinhour 062112

Dear Father God, I need to say,
With heart soaked prayerful tears,
Satan seems to be winning the day,
Like he hasn't, for Seventy years.

His Evil, like a London fog,
That chills one to the core,
Conceals a white, and vicious dog,
That tears at flesh and more.

The unsaved falling, by the way,
From his lies, enhanced by fog,
Attacks the ears, the heart today,
By Preachers through Apostasy, the 'dog.'

You said that 'in the last day,
Apostasy will rule the heart,
Of any, who looked away,
Or didn't live their Christian part.

Two Thousand years for us to grow,
The same, for Satan to play his plan,
He cannot sway, any who Bible know,
But, Souls not yet saved, he can.

We, who understand the 'Season,'
Need witness all unsaved we can,
Your command, our only 'Reason,'
Acquainting all with you, God the Man.

Please give us strength, and courage,
Like soft, warm blanket, we cover the land,
With Holy Spirit, witnessing, to urge,
So those 'hearing,' join Your Family, as Planned.


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