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Right Side Suicide

Posted Wednesday, June 27, 2012, at 9:39 PM

From the streets, unto the Palace, They are taught, from birth, to hate, As they drink from wood or silver chalice, Chose Jesus, before the 'no choice - Date.' AMEN
Right Side Suicide
By Arley Steinhour 062012

Committing mortal Suicide,
Yet, shunning 'Hounds of Hell,'
Decision made, eyes opened wide,
No more thirsting, at the well.

Rejection of one's religion,
Accepting, Jesus/Emanuel,
Living in Middle-East region,
Condemnation, known too well.

Conversion must be total,
Spirit Filled, beyond a doubt,
Treatment will be brutal,
With execution, carried out.

Saudi Prince has seen God's Light,
And, to Jesus, turned his life,
Now his soul is clean and bright,
Part of Messiah's Bride, and Wife.

He knows, his life is forfeit,
That he will surly die,
No longer living counterfeit,
That is of the Satan Lie.

I pray this praise to honor You,
For the Prince's choice,
Perhaps his family will too,
As Angels Praise, Full - Voice.


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