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Silly Putty Prayer

Posted Sunday, June 17, 2012, at 1:12 PM

Waiting for the feast to start, Awaiting family with joyful heart, Today's the day, they celebrate me, Their earthly Father, the one they can see. Is it Time Yet??
Silly Putty Prayer
By Arley Steinhour 061712

We the People, need to run this place,
As Jesus would, for the Human Race,

Freedom, never has been Free,
Many died, for you and me.

Bible, Constitution, then the gun,
Keeps Freedom's enemy on the run,

Serving Jesus, means totally Free,
Eternal Salvation, for you and me.

The apathetic, don't know why,
They stand around, and only cry,

The Christian's not afraid to die,
Have a Home up in the sky.

Those without Jehovah, GOD,
In Millennium, bears Iron Rod.

'Abomination' people expire,
Condemned alive, in Lake of Fire.

Satan and his minions, too,
Eternity in that Hell-Fire Stew.

When God's judgment time is through,
Left, or Right, on which side are you?

Those, to His Right, are Home-Free,
Those, to His Left, no more we see.

The choice, is ours, to make or break,
Is it, Lenin Robes, or Sack-cloth-Bake?

Love Messiah, for what He did for you,
Then you can join us, in sky so Blue.

If we do, as I said at the start,
Protecting God's people, is perfect heart.

With God at your side, naught can harm,
Sin will avoid you, to escape your charm.

I'm feeling perky, so I'd better cease,
So, Landlord, God, will renew my lease.


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