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Sabbath Praise 061612

Posted Saturday, June 16, 2012, at 2:25 PM

Laminin, holds our body cells together. Does 'Bio-Cross' ring a bell? Center of Milky Way, a 'Cross' shaped black-hole, a Starless-Cross.. Jesus redeemed us from Hell on a Wooden-Cross!! Refusing Him, only yourself, do you 'Double-Cross.'
Sabbath Praise 061612
By Arley Steinhour

Praise to you, Oh Lord, my God,
On this quiet Sabbath morning,
Soon, you'll need use the Iron Rod,
After Great Tribulation mourning.

A Thousand years, of Kingdom Rule,
To complete your final cleansing,
Failing-Tare, receive, 'Fire Pool,'
Those in Book of Life, your Blessing.

May we the 'Saved' give witness,
Before You Snatch away the Bride,
Leading souls to you, our business,
When they Repent, you live inside.

So many 'saved,' have lost their hope,
Time, makes it hard to survive,
Problem pressure makes life hard to cope,
In other places, to stay alive.

The Martyr scroll's filling quickly,
As they wait, white robe on back,
When filled not one be sickly,
As they mount to follow Jesus' track.

They'll rule, with Christ, a thousand years,
Making judgments on right and wrong,
Separating God crop of Wheat, from Tares,
Those He does bless, will sing Solomon's Song.

Today, we rest, Praise you on High,
We revel in your Glory,
Soon, you come, we learn to fly,
Another part of the Story.


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