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My Corner Sign

Posted Thursday, June 14, 2012, at 2:21 PM

It is Jesus' Will, and Order of Events, not mine,
nor yours, nor yours, nor ...
We, of the Family, need do that part HE wants us do. If I remember right.
My Corner Sign
By Arley Steinhour 061412

Jesus soon will Christianize,
The Remnant left on Earth,
Prophetic words say many 'dies,'
Without a tone of mirth.

We, Reborn, need hoe the row,
Witness All, when and where, we can,
Insure in every ear, Joy of Witness flow,
And, new Disciples join His Holy Clan.

So, Raise your voice, up to God's sky,
Irritation to Repentance, 'a way,'
Relate your witness, but never lie,
Or you'll have royal hell, to pay.

Me on corner, with a sign,
"The End is Coming SOON,"
Might even seem to undermine,
The Flash and Pomp, of Doom.

We each may choose our armor,
We tune our weapon fine,
Some may think their way is honor,
But my witness is only mine.

Some may not see the end result,
I know, I'm not seeking that end,
But if I'm right, God's catapult,
Means more Sinners He'll defend.

Christ told us, many Centuries ago,
'Go, Witness, to the world,'
If we haven't already been part of show,
We are a 'Flag,' Unfurled.


A couple sites, for viewing:

View it twice, or even thrice, only if you dare, or care,
Many God-things are going on, the sounds do fill the air.
God said that He would warn us, as destruction harbinger,
When we hear Trumpet loud and clear, Jesus, then, is here.

Watch this, watch this, everyone,
So you'll know when to tell 'Annie' to 'get her gun,'
or, Go Home, with Jesus, whichever comes first.
I'm betting on Jesus. Yeee-Haaa!!! and AMEN I'm first,
I will learn to Fly, again.

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