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Wet Bed Almost Dead

Posted Wednesday, June 13, 2012, at 2:55 PM

The Old horse Doctor used what he thought would work, but created far more than it helped. (another epic adventure) ....(^8
Wet Bed almost Dead
By Arley Steinhour 061312

What happens to a four year old,
Traumatized by disjointed life,
Fearful that the house would get cold,
And the adults have great strife?

I knew this boy, quite closely,
In the mirror, he, I could see,
Rounding face, and belly,
Nerves made him need to pee.

Oh, he would go and drain it all,
Before he went to bed,
But worried if he'd Hell-ward fall,
Like his parents, as Grandma said.

Within an earthbound hour,
Dream in head, a lie was said,
He, had to go, so do not cower,
Pee in bathroom, not in bed.

But, then, it didn't take long,
That brain-lie soon found out,
Bed was wet, and tears the song,
A spanking with board, so stout.

The night that I remembered,
Near twenty years, behind,
Baby-sitter, body almost dismembered,
With pointed shoes, so well shined.

Not sure, the time, I didn't know,
How soon I'd be sent to Hell,
Peeing bed, reason to be sent below,
Cause, God couldn't stand the smell.

For years, and years, I didn't know,
What gave me hernias, double,
God put blank spot, in my memory flow,
Once remembered, forgiven, no trouble.

The lady was a spinster,
Not used to 'wet-bed' kid,
I became her favorite youngster,
Think she loved me, yes she did.

The worst part of this ancient tale,
Came as treatment in Doctors chair,
Injections of Alum in groin,
To shrink tissue damage there.

My memory of that event,
Came back, age Twenty-three,
After a different incident,
I won't mention, so your free.

I thank you for taking the time,
To hear my tale of woe,
Even if some words don't rhyme,
It's a bit of my life-sharing show.


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