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Today and Tomorrow

Posted Wednesday, June 13, 2012, at 10:39 AM

I sit here with empty mind, at ease, Knowing prayer is better when on knees, With the feeling that I might sneeze, Fill my heart and head, won't you, please. (so I don't feel quite so much like a dog) (^8
Today and Tomorrow
By Arley Steinhour 061312

Is it Christian, to have loss of memory,
Three seconds after every thought,
Entire life in the moment that be,
Until your 'Come up here,' is wrought.

I had a praise, start in my head,
Only moments before I could type,
As if my mind had gone to bed,
I found no words, only hype.

I sat here, wondering, 'what can I say,'
With a Subject 'Vacancy' in my mind,
To start my Praise, another way,
So I type, as if I'm totally blind.

At the wall and up to ceiling,
I focus, to load my tray,
Allowing you to keep me feeding,
On this Heartfelt, Praise, to stay.

Praise, don't need much subject,
Except, Deep Love for you,
Without my praise, I'm derelict,
Devoid of worship, too.

I praise your name, and being,
I praise your love for me,
I praise you in all I'm seeing,
Especially in gnarly old tree.

Six Thousand years of Adam,
More than Seven, for Gentile man,
Putting up with our 'Flimflam,'
Running from you, hard as we can.

Your patience be a mighty wonder,
With Rod of Iron, in your hand,
Your Word, much more than thunder,
As You shape your Family-band.

Soon, you allow the Harvest time,
And transition through Kingdom Rule,
As Remnant Souls, your mountain climb,
Who's Yours, or in the Fiery Pool.

I pray that all would hear your call,
Redemptive Adoption when we Repent,
Alas, I fear that many souls still fall,
At Final Judgment, they'll, still, curse your 'tent.'


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