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Posted Tuesday, June 12, 2012, at 11:42 AM

I sit here on this chair of stone, With Bible, PC, and my Praise, Your Word say's 'I am not alone,' I have You, for Eternal Days. Praise be to you, my Father. AMEN
By Arley Steinhour 061212

We think of terms, as in Christian,
But, Prophets of Old, used Israel,
A ship without anchor, sail or capstan,
Would be a ship that's bound for Hell.

The numbers, Nineteen Forty Eight,
Resound throughout God's word,
Great happenings, with His Rebate,
Ply Blessings upon Israeli, in His Word.

Prophetic studying Christian folk,
Read, as if Prophecy, centers on self,
Remembering not, Israel is the yolk,
'Nations' consideration, be on a 'shelf.'

Israel, Reborn again, a Fate filled year,
Was the year, Nineteen Forty Eight,
Adam unto Abraham, same Timing for us to cheer,
Yet most calculations are without, Temple on plate.

Temple destroyed in year A D Seventy,
Not one stone upon another,
Retrieving Gold, the Roman Priority,
Israel gone, as if there was no Mother.

The math is kind of simple,
May well be, completely wrong,
This thought haunts me like a pimple,
In my dreams, so harsh and long.

'Seventy plus Nineteen Forty Eight,'
Sum's amount, Two Thousand, Eighteen,
God has a schedule, don't be late,
Short time, to fill Church the Queen.

If you desire life in Heaven's Halls,
Be Reborn, prior to Snatching Queen,
With instant Pomp, and Trumpet Calls,
See Revelation Seven: Fifteen thru Seventeen.

Tribulation follows for (Seven Years,)
Word indicates, we're hardly missed,
Beast does great, first half no tears,
Then, no mercy, nor murder desist.

Last chapters, you don't want to know,
Called Mortal Earth, a living Hell,
Look to Jesus above, not Satan below,
Your Eternity, will then turn out swell.

I had to stop, for impossible it be,
To counsel with eyes filled with tears,
For those who refuse Redemption's See,
Enduring Torment's Eternal years.

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