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Angel Wings

Posted Saturday, June 9, 2012, at 2:45 PM

I saw this Photo, and off I flew, I felt a Poem, coming quickly through, PC came alive, as the words I wrote, Thirty minutes, to make word-boat float. Yeee-Haaa!!! and AMEN, Wish I could write-um this easy again.
Angel Wings
by Arley Steinhour 060912

You may think me full of Hot Air,
But I'm convinced that God is there,
Watching down upon mankind,
God's Blessings, for those, Grace does find.

Perhaps, it's brushed, and faked by man,
To play with hearts, by sleight of hand,
Real, or Fake, I don't really mind,
It still reminds me of God, the 'Perfect' Find.

Keep the watch, don't drop your eye,
Jesus comes soon, like cloud, in sky,
He'll hail, His own, with the Trump of God,
Those He takes won't need Iron Rod.

Angels, fly the sky, as cloud, like bird,
Sing only a song, saved-heart has heard,
Of Times gone by, that brings tomorrow,
Life Joy filled, with no more sorrow.

Come soon, dear Jesus, come for your Bride,
We wait for you, full lamp, arms opened wide,
Sadly, some is left behind, with tears in eyes,
As distance grows, weaker be their mournful cries.

If only, they would open their heart to you,
Accept the price you paid for all, not few,
Perhaps, they then could make the flight,
As part of Bride, be it day or night.


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