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Curtain Call

Posted Tuesday, June 5, 2012, at 12:40 PM

And the veil of the temple was rent in twain, Some to Loss, Some to Gain
Curtain Call
By Arley Steinhour 060512

Trumpet of God, does some confound,
Somehow, that thought confuses me,
Jew and Gentile both, hear the sound,
Of God's Trumpet, that make us free.

Around this world, so sinful,
God's orchestra is Tuning-up,
To play the notes, No-Way mournful,
As Bridegroom does 'Snatch-us-UP.'

Jews expect, to see 'Arrival,'
To show them who He be,
Christians expect, to see 'Survival,'
As Bride, and member of Son's Family.

The Jew, the lesson, soon to learn,
Two Thousand years of blinded pride,
Messiah's coming, was for all that yearn,
Sin Redemption, to the Cross, applied.

The time of Gentile, treading the Mount,
Where God's Temple once stood in Glory,
Once again, soon, see Temple to Fount,
Denoting time of last chapter, of Sin story.

A Thousand years, Israel, God will bless,
Replacing Stone with Flesh, in Jewish heart,
Jew and Gentile revel in new happiness,
God is One, as both share their Part.

The Covenant, for all, to be Brand New,
Sin, and Satan, now long-gone,
Perfect Joy, under God's sky so Blue,
Simple movement, creates new song.

The great part is, this can be had by all,
The sad part is, this will not be chosen by some,
Some hearts prefer not to hear His call,
Until the Lake of Fire becomes their home.


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