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Praise and Glory

Posted Sunday, June 3, 2012, at 12:33 PM

In this life, we all must make, The choices of handling our 'penny,' Bad choice will make earth shake, Good choice, Blessing Reward, So-Many.
Praise and Glory
By Arley Steinhour 060312

Praise and Glory to you, Dear God,
On this, Sunday Sabbath day,
We worship true, without the Rod,
With you, we stay and pray.

I'm sitting here, heart humming,
Just doing my praising thing,
With you, my prayerful communing,
Trying Psalms of David to sing.

The quiet of this Sunny day,
Except the hum of the refer,
Makes my heart, to you say,
My love keeps getting deeper;

How deep, I'm not rightly sure,
A bottom for it isn't there,
Every day, it is more pure,
Holding all that I can share.

The world is spinning ever along,
Mankind wails bemoaning song,
Crying to you that all is wrong,
In sin-filled heart, you won't belong.

Soon, you come to separate,
The lover and the hater,
Through 'Choice,' we then segregate,
Without a 'See you later.'

Those who chose to love you,
Have new home with the Son,
Basking in your Glory, true,
Never more, need burning Sun.

Haters, too, have eternal abode,
In Lake where Fallen Angels go,
Enduring flame, the Torment load,
Choice made, Condemned, Below.


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