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Growing Season

Posted Thursday, May 31, 2012, at 11:51 AM

If things keep going as they are, This scene may not be seen no more; High paying job may help buy a fancy car, Without food, starvation, be right at the 'door.'
Growing Season
By Arley Steinhour 053112

We ask your blessing, Dear, Father God,
May you bless this prayer and praise,
From this land where Freedom has trod,
Now badly deserving your Iron Rod.

Summer quarter, now your season,
Garden crops sprouted from earth,
To relax our hand, much like treason,
As Fruit and Vegetables, now give birth.

The job of feeding one and all,
Seems never to have an end,
When one thinks all is in the stall,
Next season starts right at the bend.

You give your faithful, extra bounty,
For our needs, and so much more,
For widow, and children, we have plenty,
But, For lazy, we now need show the door.

Those, we see, with well fed girth,
Be from one of two positions,
Hard working Old, enjoying fat and mirth,
And Welfare lazy, living family traditions.

Some folk's employment lost, not whole,
A time in life, when jobs are few,
We render aid to that injured soul,
For strength to find something they can do.

Today, we seem to be at a juncture,
Where those who pay, are in the hole,
As the earner is becoming fewer,
Are those, now, in need of a helping pole.

The poor, the weak, the lazy,
Now overwhelm the working class,
Some, demanding more, so crazy,
Fatigue makes worker leave in mass.

Hard workers look for greener grass,
They tire of being stolen from,
Company owners, cover their ass.ets,
Incentive to do, no longer has form.

Dear God, from We the People,
We need your saving Grace,
From Harbor pier, to Steeple,
We are far behind the race.

So many illegal, and lazy people,
Care not, 'Cash-udder,' is almost dry,
No one comes to Sunday Chapel,
Without you, this Nation will die.

We of Faith know, only too well,
Without Jesus, we'd live in Hell,
For, this country's restraining power,
Must pass, to allow Tribulation hour.

We need be, each day, on knee,
May the reader join this prayer to thee,
To supplicate your blessing on all,
So Satan's rule, can truly Fall.


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