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Posted Monday, May 28, 2012, at 9:09 AM

May hearts sing, for what they gave, Freedom for us, for them, the grave. Fly heart and flag high in the sky, Let them know they are 'Blessed, in our eye.' (But for the Grace of God, there, stands my son)
Memorial Q and A
By Arley Steinhour 052812
(Day after Shavuot, Sivan 7, 5772)

Do we live today like any day,
Or in reverence have heart at half-mast,
I think I know what they would say,
"We gave you freedom, no heart down-cast."

The fight goes on, war after war,
No end to tyrants greed for control,
Freedom isn't near, nor far,
But, what you have, when Church-bells toll.

When a Religion, has the power,
To 'mandate,' theirs be the 'Only Way,'
They force upon man the final hour,
When our True God comes to have His Say.

Only then, my heart does feel,
War will be no more,
The god of hate, no more can steal,
Anyone behind the bloodstained door.

Until the God, of one and all,
Who 'Loves us,' everyone,
Judges Satan to his fall,
Eden be regained, 'through the Son.'

Pray, that time is 'at the door,'
For the sake of all mankind,
Especially for the 'Fallen,' of war,
And Love for ALL, may we ALL, find.


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