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Parable of the Harvest

Posted Saturday, May 26, 2012, at 11:19 AM

Shavuot, As I finish typing, We have about an hour to go, I send this for your liking, So you might find, what I don't know. His Word, is a Lamp upon our feet, and a Light unto our path.
Parable of the Harvest
By Arley Steinhour 052612
(Day 49 of Omer, Sivan 3, 5772)

Prepare yourself, in Spirit,
Shavuot, is 'Day of Separation,'
The Prophecy, now hear it,
Harvested Wheat, from every Nation.

For Two Thousand years, now,
Wheat and Tare, grown together,
Harvest time, just before the plow,
Wheat to Barn, and Tare to 'Nether.'

Matthew Thirteen, Twenty and Four,
Complete in Thirteen, Thirty,
Shares with man when God's at the door,
As Time gets down, to being 'Sodom-dirty.'

Two Thousand years, plus many more,
Jew, and Gentile, have crushed God's heart,
We live in Sin, reject Him, shore to shore,
Not thinking, we play Satan's part.

This very day, is just like that,
Without Faith, we love to play,
Not knowing, we be Casey at bat,
About to Strike-out, any day.

We, seek Harvest, at the ready,
They, the Tare, too, oh-so glad,
We of Faith, in Him, be Steady,
Tares believe that 'Good is Bad.'

Did you read through the stories Jest,
Do you see what Jesus really said,
One time of year, can be 'the Harvest,'
Sending Wheat and Tare, to proper bed.

The Tare, cannot be taken, first,
Wheat, can't be harvested last,
Both, together, yield the 'thirst,'
Season of growth has fully past.

Tare can't make, or be, one grain of Wheat,
Wheat knows exactly where they'll be,
To the Fire, Tare, screaming 'you mistreat,'
Wheat, Home with God, Joyous Eternity.


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