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Posted Friday, May 25, 2012, at 3:49 PM

(PS: Shavuot/Pentecost starts at full Sunset, Saturday, in Israel/Jerusalem just after 8: PM, [high-noon, CST, USA] and will be complete Sunday Sunset, Israel/Jerusalem.) This is the season when the 'Wheat, and Tare' can be harvested, and separated, one 'taken,' to the Barn, and the other, 'bundled,' for the Flame. A thought. (Which are you??)
By Arley Steinhour 053512
(Day 47 of Omer, Sivan 3, 5772)

Barak Obama, doesn't lie,
He in-sin-u-ate,
Twisting words, sweet as pie,
That some folk over-rate.

We think, he's saying one thing,
As he looks us in the eye,
A gifted talker, he dulls the sting,
Of what sober men call a lie.

Teleprompters, before his face,
He's glib as he can be,
Written prompting, not in place,
He buzzes, like a bee.

I pray he thinks he has the way,
To solve our country's blues,
He states the Rich should only pay,
The money, Poor Folk use.

The Middle class, is no more,
Wiped out by regulation news,
Cost of business, locked the door,
Now poor, they too, sing the blues.

The 'One Percent,' abandon ship,
They take their 'Cheese,' and flee,
Leave behind not one Welfare chip,
It's starvation time for you and me.

Some call it Socialism,
Fascism, or Communism,
Free men now in 'prison,'
Mom's no longer Mommy.

Many feel he's doing right,
Seems the world hates U S A,
Too soon, we cannot fight the fight,
Then, World Subjugation becomes the Play.

the man we call the President,
Inherited quite a mess,
He took the rod, off he went,
Gambled away the Rent.

We the People, we did err,
Not the first mistake we've made,
The thing that makes me shiver,
Is if a Second Term card is played.

The above is my opinion,
Bill of rights does say I may,
Speak my heart, even if onion,
When we vote, We'll know who to pay.


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