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Day of the Sun Son

Posted Sunday, May 20, 2012, at 8:36 PM

Tip the head far to the left, you see a smiley face, Tip the head some to the right, see a frown in place, Graduating, after twelve, can be a lot like that, Set the world on fire, or be Casey at the Bat. It's not what you get, or see, but what you do with it. Every life day has reward, learn something, get a hit.
Inspired by
Graduation of my Grandson
Dalton J. Steinhour

Day of the Sun Son
By Arley Steinhour 052012
(Day 43 of Omer, Lyyar 28, 5772)

Today's, the day to follow the Sun,
As it eclipses in the sky,
Today's, the day to follow the Son,
As a diploma comes, by and by.

Above, we see the sky go dark,
On stage, a light begin to shine,
Perhaps a sign, like Noah's Ark,
Better yet, 'Opening of a mind.'

Eclipse comes, and Eclipse goes,
To mark what our God has to say,
To mortal mind, nobody knows,
Burn dimly, or shine bright as day.

A Student of the Bible will know,
If the Eclipse is part of a Story,
Day by day, the mind will show,
Static, or bound for Glory.

So, keep the watch, faithful today,
We have both shows to view,
God's Sun above, our Son's day,
Not again will both happen to you.

For me it is my Grandson, true,
For you, relative, son, or daughter,
Enjoy Sun and Son, with a sky true blue,
Praise God, for His Sons redeeming slaughter.


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