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Sabbath Praise 051912

Posted Sunday, May 20, 2012, at 7:01 PM

In quiet space, or in a crowd, Heart-felt whispers Praises God, Pray to Jesus, don't be proud, Repent you Sin, or bear the rod.
Sabbath Praise 051912
By Arley Steinhour 051912
(Day 43 of Omer, Lyyar 28, 5772 [in Jerusalem])

Praising You, on Sabbath day,
Brings us ever closer to you,
Enjoying a day of prayer and play,
Until sunset is fully through.

The WEB is down, with naught to do,
I mentioned that in my other blather,
The rain you send was awesome too,
Alone, with you, without the chatter.

I know, I'm more than likely wrong,
about the events remembered or will be,
Gives me motivation for prayer song,
Making sense, to none but you and me.

Tomorrow is a big day, for me,
Eclipse and Grandson's Graduation,
Possibilities rampant sea to sea,
Will we, tomorrow, have a Nation.

The Chicken Little, in my mind,
Sees much to Crow about,
I'll be happy, should I find,
You haven't counted USA out.

Our Sins are running full amuck,
Young people have lost the mark,
Nation broken, and Satan struck,
Like in quicksand, fully Stuck.

Good, or Sad, the story,
Events that cause much pain,
To you, Dear God, the Glory,
As you use both like rain.

The words you gave, in Prophecy,
Misunderstood, without acclaim,
Today, we learn our dependency,
Your words now proclaim your Name.

Anti-Christ types have propensity,
To twist your words, to steal,
Hearts of unsaved humanity,
With lies, like bells do peel.

To be Redeemed, all must understand,
Through Jesus, the only Bridegroom,
Those who will not take His hand,
Doom themselves to Hell-fire Tomb.


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