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Vacation 101

Posted Friday, May 18, 2012, at 5:06 PM

You'll need more horse-power than this, If you want to outrun a horse, No way to stop at the edge of abyss, With your foot holding wheel on, or worse.
Vacation 101
By Arley Steinhour 051812
(Day 41 of Omer, Lyyar 26, 5772)
(Inspired by Mike at night Opinion, this date)

Vacation is for Remembering and for Fun,
Not for mulling, sad things, on the run,
Turn radio on loud, and vocal be one,
Smiling, and waving, it sure can be fun.

Wave to the birds that are flying by,
Watch for problems, that meet the eye,
What you've seen, in quarter of hour,
Is more than a full day, using horse power.

Look Up, Down, Left, and Right,
Forward, and Backward, with caution to spare,
Attitude as if something might bite,
You never know when a gremlin is there.

Try to outwit, bad things on the road,
Family don't want you in hospital care,
Pretend you're hauling a most precious load,
Delivering, safely, and with them to share.

Drive with your window, opened up wide,
Should you have bad thoughts, as you go,
Inhale deeply, and spit them outside,
Soon to have only good thoughts to know.

Enjoy the ride, and treat yourself good,
Quit acting as if your heart is of wood,
the life that you have, you get only one,
Prep-school for Eternity, Son-of-a-gun.

Those people in Jesus, whenever road ends,
Know where they're going, in the next life,
Without Jesus' assurance that He'll defend,
It's hard to be happy, in this Sin filled strife.

Consider, before you continue life's ride,
There's so many things to avoid,
It seems impossible, from them to hide,
Protection in Jesus, makes Satan annoyed.


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