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Events of Omer Day Forty Three

Posted Friday, May 18, 2012, at 2:28 PM

What you should see, looking back, The Sun Eclipse, on Sunday, Only those dead center of track, Will see a Hula-Hoop, this way.
Events of Omer Day Forty Three
By Arley Steinhour 051812
(Day 41 of Omer, Lyyar 26, 5772)

Every person on this earth,
Can be my family,
All they need is True-Rebirth,
In God's Family-Tree.

Rebirth, through, God's 'Only Son,'
Baptism in Jesus, and Holy Spirit,
Adopted, Inheritance, with His 'Only One,'
Satan can't touch it, or go near it.

This Sunday, may be special, though,
Events that fill the day,
Share them, is what I want to do,
In a poetic way:

The Twentieth day, of this Month, May,
In this year, Two Thousand, Twelve,
The Sun will Total eclipse, they say,
Along a line where few folks dwell.

On this day, Year Five-Seven-Two-Seven,
At the close of the 'Six-day War,'
Jerusalem and Mount, Redeemed for heaven;
At Wailing-Wall, Praying, Tears, and more.

Day Forty-three of Omer-Count,
Seven more to Pentecost/Shavuot,
Christ Ascended from Olivet-Mount,
Sin-Price Paid, for Sheep, and Goat.

To have the blessing, bought and paid,
All 'Acceptors' bypass Second Death,
Jesus, the Christ, at God's feet, laid,
The Redemption price, for our 'Last-breath.'

This also is a special day,
For my Family to ply,
The day my Grandson, Dalton can say,
'I Graduated, from Arapahoe High.'

This Sunday, then, is Special,
For those in my Family tree,
Blessed events, in Heaven, on Earth,
Family happy, especially me.

Enjoy, Sunday, all the events,
And add some for your tree,
Take some time with your knees bent,
Become a Member in God's Family.


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