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Call to the Unsaved

Posted Friday, May 18, 2012, at 8:32 AM

Across the mountains, And over the dreary,
The call that trills, Brings Home the weary.
A heart that will, Though heavy with Sin,
Accepts Gods still, and cleansing within.
Call to the Unsaved
By Arley Steinhour 051812
(Day 41 of Omer, Lyyar 26, 5772)

When we're snatched, into the sky,
We'll learn real quick, how to fly,
Leaving earth, in Twinkle of eye,
Bride of Christ, no more, to die.

We're calling for folks, who might do their part,
When called by God, to Repent their heart,
Baptized in the Spirit, and a new Life start,
Join us on God's Holy-Rolling Cart.

Arc, or Cart, by any name,
It's part of God's Salvation Game,
Contrite Surrender to His Love,
Spend Eternity, in Heaven, Above.

As we board, in Twinkle of eye,
We lift away, into God's Sky,
Passing through the air, so blue,
To the Feast of Wedding, me and You.

For Seven days, or is it years,
We celebrate with Joyful Tears,
The last Tears that we'll ever shed,
From that time on, eyes never get red.

Pain, and suffering, gone away,
Never to return in Eternal Day,
The memory of, suffering and pain,
Falls from our heart, like warm spring rain.

Living in Sin, is worse than you think,
Destiny, corruption, where bodies stink,
Worms and Fire, Torment for all;
Rejection of God, with Satan you Fall.

The path is easy, to Heavenly Bliss,
Accept Redemption, and Jesus' Kiss,
The Kiss of Healing, Sin price gone,
Never again, will you put Sin on.

So, Ponder quick, and Ponder hard,
Little Time left, for Redemption card,
When Jesus comes, to Snatch His Bride,
Many 'Left Behind,' become Satan's Pride.


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