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Posted Thursday, May 17, 2012, at 12:24 PM

The only 'HOT' you want to choose, Is the Right Way to go to Heaven, Jesus, the 'Only-Way, you can't lose, Non-divisible, like His number, Seven.
By Arley Steinhour 051712
(Day 40 of Omer, Lyyar 25, 5772)

What happens when the Church is gone,
And we leave many folks behind,
Will they open their eyes and moan,
'How could we have been so blind?'

They mostly know the end is near,
Heard on TV, or seen in the paper,
So much they want to do, they fear,
Need more time for Sin-filled caper.

Two thousand years, or somewhere near,
Devout sings out, 'That time is at the door,'
Instead of joy, they caused much fear,
Hell-Fire preaching, chilled unsaved to the core.

The wonders, God, to us will bring,
The marvels we'll behold,
Should make us want to dance and sing,
Hot to go, but never cold.

His Wisdom gives us all Eternity,
To See, to Ponder, and do,
Eternal goes to infinity,
There still will be new to pass through.

We all will have Angelic voice,
in a body that cannot tire,
Everyone has destination choice,
Those saying not, is but a liar.

The fun things that old Satan can sell,
Don't hold a candle to Yahweh, God Eternal,
The only eternal Satan has in his well,
Is Hell's Fire, not part of God's Blessings, Supernal.

Ponder, please, are you Right with the SON,
Have you accepted His Redeeming Grace,
The choice is yours, Joy with God's only One,
Or Torment, for just as long, with Satan in your face.


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