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Home Choice

Posted Thursday, May 17, 2012, at 10:18 AM

Mansion yards look more than beautiful, Creative patterns, and more colorful be, Caring for self, flowers, free from tool, Front Yard Beauty, far as eye can see.
Home Choice
By Arley Steinhour 051712
(Day 40 of Omer, Lyyar 25, 5772)
Father God,
The day's are getting down to few,
The day's before we come to you;
Upon arrival, your 'Welcome Home,'
Questions answered when you said 'Come.'

We need not worry, what to do,
Mortal worry will then be through;
Much of Old-Self, Left behind,
Bema treasure is what we find.

Time to Praise, before God's Throne,
Perfect Prayer, as if each is alone;
Time to wander, and hear how grass sings,
or fly high with birds, as if having wings.

Will I, listen a moment, or maybe a year,
To flower singing, that tickles the ear,
Run quite fast, over hill and dale,
Or, swim in water, like sounding whale?

No muss, no fuss, a leisure pace,
Waist quite thin, no wrinkled face;
No beauty cream on face aglow,
Those passing by, everyone, we know.

Perfect length on full head of hair,
Teeth all perfect, in smile we share;
The benefits, go on and on,
No one here is Satan's pawn.

What glory we, each one, can own,
When Jesus says, 'You're not alone;'
To all who need the 'Redeemer of Sin,'
Repent your heart, and let Him in.

Jesus came to earth, to die,
To pay Sin-price, for you and I,
Choice, God gave us, each to make,
Choose wisely, please, for your soul's sake.


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