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Little Story in Big Story

Posted Tuesday, May 15, 2012, at 6:38 PM

As in the days of Noah, of Jonah, and of Lot, Those God loves, are safe from harm, The rest, in a burial plot.
Little Story in Big Story
By Arley Steinhour 051512
(this 38th day of Omer, Lyyar 23, 5772)

In the very early days, Five thousand years, or so,
God tired of the 'goings on,' decided all of man must go,
Except this guy, named Noah, three Sons, and four Wives,
These eight people God felt 'Clean,' and could stay alive.

He spoke, one day, to Noah, said 'you'll have a hundred year,
Make an Arc of many Cubit, completed, when Rain comes near,
Put in the Arc, lots of food, and animals of every kind,
Male and Female, two by two, crowding, they won't mind.

Unclean, just two pair of each, clean take pairs, times seven,
They'll know when to come to you, as if they come to heaven.
Your sons will grow, and help you, with more done every year,
None of the others will listen, to your warnings they will sneer.'

The hundred years went by so fast, Noah thought it wouldn't be done,
One day God said, 'It will rain in Seven,' animals came on the run.
All on board, with no time to spare, the big door still a-gap,
As they winched on the rope, the people sneered at Noah's flap.

At last the door was shut, God then sealed them in,
So not a drop of danger could, hazard life within.
We know the rest of the story, a year inside the Arc,
When Noah dared open the door, on Ararat, Arc did park.

A thought that has long haunted me, is another story door,
"As in the days before the flood," for Matthew twenty-four,
Time then, rings like a bell, to these times, we live 'Our Way,'
Sinful man playing with Sin, much like in Noah's day.

Not many folk would argue, Traditional the teaching,
Thinking there is more to learn, might be really reaching.
Consider just the part of 'Saving,' Noah, and family,
A special story in the Main story, hinted at casually.

Mankind's about to enter, the Tribulation God calls 'Great,'
Wheat and Tare, God separates; something's missing from the plate;
That little story's missing, called the Rapture, nothing more,
This 'little story,' has support, in Matthew twenty-four.

With Noah, God made All Eight Safe from harm,
Then, drowned all those left behind, in great alarm,
One thought won't work, witnessing needs more,
I need to now call in, Matthew Twenty-Four.

Verses: thirty-seven ... "As in the days of Noah ...,"
thirty-eight: "... until the day that Noe entered ...,"
Thirty-nine: "... took them all away ..." (all = everyone),
Forty and Forty-one: "... taken ..." and "... left ...,"
'Taken' = 'received to oneself,' 'left' = 'forsaken.'

I insert that five liner, without a rhyme to fit,
Just so everyone can see, Pretrib answer must be it,
God takes away those of His own, to a safer place,
As He did, with Jonah, and Lot, before Wrath filled His face.

I pray we all see the little-story, before we take too long,
So we can all be Reborn, in Jesus, and sing Salvation song.
I hope I haven't made you mad, by adding to the Noah story,
If I did, then just throw this away, and know that I'm not sorry. (^8


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