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Green Grass Song

Posted Tuesday, May 8, 2012, at 9:17 AM

Like being at a Concert, this is but a Warm-Up scene, compared to what we will see, feel, smell, enjoy, after being welcomed Home, by God.
Green Grass Song
Poetry by Arley Steinhour 050812
Music by Libby L. Allen: 'Green Side of the Grass'
(This 31st day of Omer, Lyyar 16, 5772)

Thank you sister Libby, oh younger one than I,
Aging is a wonder, when it's only in the eye.
So long as we're on the Green Side, I still can't cry,
I can drown my sorrow, with a slice of Apple Pie.
(With mortal anchor body, I can't fly)

The beauty of the Brown side, is we have gone on home,
To that place of Special beauty, never more to roam,
The grass there is a wonder, it's softer than mattress foam,
That portion that we leave behind, goes to the home of Gnome.
(With my Spirit body, now I can truly fly)

So, keep me on the Green Side, only till He comes for me,
As the Bride of Christ is leaving, for the world to see,
Departing to our Mansion, of Sin, and pain we're free,
Every soul becoming His, completes His Family Tree.
(Heaven grass is ever-green, and sings, as I fly by)


Click here for the music, while we wait (Enjoy):

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