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Looking Back at life

Posted Saturday, May 5, 2012, at 12:00 PM

So many ways to lose the path, to stumble, sometimes fall, To raise the arms in supplication, He always hears our call, Sometimes, His response seems not, the answer that we want, It's always perfect, for our need, to drink at Eternal Fount. Come read my testimony, perhaps you'll feel the same, Jesus is the 'Only Way,' by Grace, through Faith, in His holy Name.
Looking Back at life
By Arley Steinhour 050512
(Inspired by an Eva Dimel poem)
(This 27th day of Omer, Lyyar 12, 5772)

Looking back, throughout my life,
There were times that I can see,
Surviving trials and weathering strife,
There was only God and me.

Through those nights, so very long,
Filled with worries, causing fear,
I remember, God was with me ,
Yes, He knew my every tear.

When my heart was broken,
From sorrow and pain in life,
God's Love was never a 'Token,'
Strength and healing, cured the strife.

No matter what I went through,
I never was alone,
Even when I thought Him untrue,
He was making me more His Own.

As time goes by, I always know,
Where my mortal life will lead,
Before His throne, all aglow,
Eternal Blessing, from Sin, I'm Freed.

He's seeking yet more family,
To be a part of His Family Tree,
Cleansed and Perfect Eternally,
Jesus, paid the Price, you See;

Looking back, at Seventy-three.


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