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First Thoughts 042912

Posted Sunday, April 29, 2012, at 11:05 AM

What better way to start each and every day, Than in comfortable position still in the 'hay,' Looking to the sky, He, beyond, hears what we say, Praises to God will place you, in His Arms, to stay.
First Thoughts 042912
By Arley Steinhour 042912
[Day 22 of Omer, Lyyar 7, 5772]

As I'm waking, from my sleep,
I pray dear Lord, my soul to keep;
Safe, and close, to your warm heart,
That I have, each day, a Godly start.

Through Blood of Son, my life enhance,
So I can better perform my chance,
To be your child, in thought, word, and deed,
As you provide all I'll ever need.

Bless this day, as I pass through,
This day you've made, for me and you;
May all this day be to your will,
And I have your blessing, to my fill,

Please bless the food, I eat each meal,
That my sick body, can better heal;
My witness, I pray, may bring cheer,
That those unsaved, will want to hear.

Bless me, guide me, and change me,
To the person you know I need be;
You are my God, and I am but 'clay,'
I look forward to being 'Called away.'

So, as I rise, and start this day,
With you in my heart, I can say,
I look forward to all things coming my way,
As you place what I need, upon my tray.


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