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Beginning to END

Posted Saturday, April 21, 2012, at 11:50 AM

Most of mankind are that one who's drowning, Only Jesus, life can Save, As the Tribulation time be crowning, For His, that time He'll Stave.
Beginning to END
By Arley Steinhour 042112
[Day 14 of OMER 01295772]

At the end of the Beginning,
Time begins to end,
A time where no one was winning,
Since, everyone had sinned.

Our Bible book did forecast,
Something, just like this,
Like birth of child, progressive *Blast,
God's Word, does never miss.

We started out, Perfect, Ideal,
With Adam made from the clay,
All things then could be a meal,
On each bright and *temperate day.

Six Thousand years now *History,
And what did we learn,
We Sinned away any Mystery,
Qualified, for Hell Fire, to Burn.

We skitter here, we skitter there,
Our knowledge does multiply,
Great Quaking of the earth, where,
Most people live, and die.

The Harvest now, ripe to *Fall,
Like Black Olives still in tree,
Slightest *wind releases all,
Crushing Judgment, soon to be.

Bema Flame burns away the dross,
On the Alter not made by man,
Some will Gain, Some suffer Loss,
From Choices made in God's Great Plan.

Two Thousand years ago, my friend,
God, sent His Word, to *Pay,
For every debt man cannot mend,
On Rugged Cross, that Fateful Day.

Those same Two Thousand, We,
The People, have broken every vow,
Made to Him, Head of 'Adamic Sea,'
Into grave, His payment plow.

This time soon opens Kingdom Gate,
*Birth of a brand-new World,
Allowing One Path, to re-instate,
Once Tribulation Hell is unfurled.

Repent to our King and Master,
Jesus waits for such a call,
Time too short to be 'forecaster,'
It's now 'Written, ON, the Wall.



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