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Posted Thursday, April 19, 2012, at 5:50 PM

Today the modern Shofar, would be the Web, World Wide, To reach the people near or far, in a system where few can hide.
By Arley Steinhour 041912

Sound the Shofar, light the pyre,
Bring your neighbors, to their door,
Share the call as Salvation-Crier,
Giving warning to all, and more.

Tribulation soon now, a roaring flame,
As this alert is going out,
Refusing to hear Jesus' claim,
Makes this 'Watcher,' want to shout,

From torment of Hell, for Eternal days,
Look up and ask, 'Are you there?'
We have some time, to change our ways,
You'll find your answer; He does care.

Take this Peal into your heart,
As we end Life's Mortal Ride,
Especially if you don't have Jesus,
Or plan to be a part of His Bride,

The shortness of the time to heft,
Now written on Date-keeper's page,
Be Months, as years are now bereft,
God soon adjudges well earned wage.

If this sounds like 'Chicken Little Bird,'
You just might be hearing right,
I'm not always worthy of being heard,
And folks still sleep quite well at night;

Remember that the Shofar cried,
Alerting all that would open ear,
I may be wrong, but have not lied,
Dare you gamble what you hold dear?

I leave that to your Ponder,
And if you set my words aside,
In a month or three you may wonder,
'Are they gone, or did they hide.'

Your Choice, God Given.

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