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Posted Monday, April 16, 2012, at 9:50 PM

The Master has us in His hand, Welcome Him, and feel the Love, that fills you heart, from up above.
By Arley Steinhour 041612
(Now, Day 10 of Omer 5772)

I come to share heartfelt emotion,
Pulling gently on my heartstrings,
I have desire to cause a commotion,
That might give your heart wings.

Some time ago, I received a story,
About an old, and ugly violin,
And how it came to be that sorry,
Twas the uncaring hands it was in.

The story took my breath away,
As my love for the instrument sings,
Knowing how they sound with a Master,
and how those hands give the strings wings.

Someone, out in Cyber-land,
More talented than I could be,
Put the story in to Music,
For all your hearts to see,

The story, plus the music speaks,
About the hands of the Master,
Words, if spoken, would take me weeks,
I give you the WEB site, it is much faster:


Don't go away, I've more to say,
About the Hands that all need trust,
That message came in just today,
Its viewing, too, an absolute must.

This clip will take you close to God,
As it deals with being in the sky,
In the hands of another Master,
The Pilot, and the plane they fly:


Play them both, one after the other,
Close your eyes, and let Jesus join,
You'll find this flight light as a feather,
And HE won't cost you any coin.


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