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Crackers in Soup

Posted Sunday, April 15, 2012, at 5:34 PM

When we're dining with Lord Jesus, All is prepared, just to please us, For dining, foods are 'Perfect Turn,' In Lake of fire, some things burn.
Crackers in Soup
By Arley Steinhour 041512

We're all like Soda crackers,
Destined for God's bowl of stew,
Whole crackers are flavor stackers,
If broken, give flavor True.

I dined today on Bean Soup,
Asking Blessing from the Lord
It was I fear, a watery goop,
I tossed some crackers there, on board.

The crackers floated, for a bit,
Then sank some from the surface,
I spooned one up, then it hit,
Cracker made soup, the apprentice.

Soup flavor, the cracker did overwhelm,
Little soup taste found my tongue,
Much like a ship, with too much helm,
No enjoyment the way ship swung.

The Bible says, Broken, Contrite, heart,
Has sweet smell and taste to God,
With more crackers, broken apart,
Soup-spoon became my Iron rod;

Cracker pieces with no shape,
Took well, favor of the soup,
Gave a bubble-look of crepe,
My spoon then became a scoop.

Broken, and Contrite, we're welcome,
As part of the Family of Many Colors,
Not to control or overwhelm the sum,
But to bring out all of the Flavors.

We can't enter, as a 'one,' board stiff,
We'd overwhelm and ruin the taste,
Broken down, blended to give a lift,
Flavored for God, with no hint of waste.


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