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Hard Lesson Taught

Posted Saturday, April 14, 2012, at 10:36 PM

The time of Satan's sway does blossom, But only for a season, To separate Weed from the Chosen, God has His own good reason. Be Right, to be Counted Right.
Hard Lesson Taught
by Arley Steinhour 041412

Jesus left a bloody footprint in the sand,
Is He now, about to leave one on the Land,
The sinful way we've followed isn't grand,
Folks of Sodom might now be favored, in His hand.

The blood He left, first time, his own,
This time, it's ours, in kind,
He'll walk on flesh, as if on stone,
We ran away, with thought He wouldn't mind.

Like Sheep, of course, we wandered far,
Beyond the fence, all looked so green,
Where Wolves reside, with the Fallen Star,
With parties, to feed our Sinful dream.

When our cash and wool were spent away,
And Sinful naked we did stand,
We crawled to where we once did play,
Protected by Shepherds steady Hand.

Alas, it seemed, the flock was gone,
And fence looked different from this side,
Barbs on wire went on and on,
So sharp, flesh touched was opened wide.

Was not a blade of grass, this side, alive,
Just painted weeds, all dry and dead,
To maintain sanity, we strive,
What's mostly in our head.

We must Repent our Evil way,
Praying Shepherd has returned,
To look for His, in our pitiful stay,
And take us Home, with lessons learned.


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