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Supernal to Eternal

Posted Thursday, April 12, 2012, at 8:04 PM

When Time has ceased to count the days, We need adjust in so many ways, Like birds, the first time that they fly, We live completely, or completely die.
Supernal to Eternal
By Arley Steinhour 041212

We don't really want all the answers,
to all there is to know,
There'd not be room for happenstance,
For Your people learning, here below.

We spend our full mortality,
Following the woven line,
That wanders to Eternity,
With your blessings on our mind.

The way gets kind of tangled,
The line frayed and somewhat thin,
From the mortal wounds that rankle,
All caused by committing Sin.

How do we hold to the woven line,
That leads us home to you,
With those many snares and a sinful mind,
That trips us, from out of the Blue?

We all need know that answer,
To follow, as best we can,
Fidelity to you, we must swear,
Through your Only Son, the Man.

Your Spirit keeps us on that line,
With guidance in your Holy way,
Standing tall, not credulously supine,
As your honored child, each day.

My line is Velvet, and Navy Blue,
That always got tangled up,
Until I turned my heart to you,
And your Son filled my cup.

I may not pray the best of prayers,
And can't quote Book, Chapter, or verse,
Many times I've tripped on Jacobs stairs,
Your Love and Spirit has been my Nurse.

The Faithful wait and pray for you,
To come, snatch away your Bride,
The Bride that might be called 'Leah,'
As Your Love for 'Rachael' burns inside.

To end these days of Gentile shoe,
Upon your True-Loves neck,
Concludes events you've cited to do,
To complete Abrahamic Trek.

When you open Gates of Kingdom,
A Thousand Years of Perfect Rule,
Without the sway of Satandom,
Celebration of Eternal Yule.


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