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Old Man Thoughts

Posted Tuesday, April 10, 2012, at 11:29 AM

Give me five minutes more, only five minutes more, and I'm sure I'll make my way, to Heaven's Door. Only, don't close the Gate, even though I may be late, as my bones can't run fast races, any more (But, I can still pray Seventy-Five MPH). (^8
Old Man Thoughts
By Arley Steinhour 041012

War is now much more fun,
For the other guy to fight,
I will sit upon the sideline,
and Root with all my might.

Too many years ago,
Before my age caught up,
With every bone I own,
War filled my ego cup.

Today, the body's tired,
My mileage very high,
Propulsion poorly fired,
Dimness of the eye.

Today, I run the Ten yard dash,
Most people call it 'crawl,'
The worst that happens, is a crash,
When I trip, and take a fall.
I once knew how to do that,
Hit the ground safely, at full speed,
Now, when I land, my nose goes splat,
The Ambulance, is what I need.

I'm watching all the day's events,
Volcano's spewing ash and smoke,
Earthquakes, forcing life into tents,
And Tsunami's ain't no joke.

Birds are falling from the sky,
Whale and Dolphin run aground,
Fish by millions roll over, and die,
In 'Divers Places,' Events are found.

Wars, being fought all over,
With more on agenda plate,
Insanity completely seems to cover,
A Blood-lust, we cannot seem to sate.

I sit here, with my maladies,
But, really don't complain,
Enjoying life as Parody,
Heroism, I must now feign.

In a way, I tell a story,
Of Times, we call The End,
The world has lost its glory,
With God's Kingdom round the bend.

Satan, to rule earth, a while,
Half of Seven Years, like Hell,
At the End, we all can smile,
As Satanic Sin we Shell.

Earthly Paradise, mankind will live,
A full One Thousand Years,
With no intrusion Satan give,
Hallelujah's fill our ears.

The only sinful thoughts and deed,
Found in people of the Millennium,
Lay squarely in their personal seed,
Of heart, that's held within.

Then, After Jesus' Millennial Rule
Satan loosed for a short season,
To him, Sinful soul's will act the fool,
And commit the Holy Spirit Treason.

One Word from God, All is Complete,
Except, one Judgment left to call,
Great White Throne, God on the seat,
Ends Time forever, Eternally Closes all.


(Day three of the Omer, Aviv 18, 5772)

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