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From Mourning to Bride

Posted Monday, April 9, 2012, at 3:19 PM

Look at the rock, He isn't there, He wasn't there very long, If you wish to see Him come in the air, Fall on your knees, with prayer and song. (day two count of the Omer, Aviv 17, 5772)
From Mourning to Bride
By Arley Steinhour 040912

The Sun was threatening to rise,
That First day of Omer counting,
Sighting tomb, brought great surprise,
Stone rolled aside, their tension mounting.

Roman guards, nowhere in sight,
As they cautiously approached,
It seemed the guards had taken flight,
When someone, the tomb door broached.

Mary Magdalene, with three friends,
All disciples of Master Jesus,
Entered there, His body for to cleanse,
What they saw did create quite a fuss.

The glimmer from the lamp was dim,
Jesus gone, a scene of disarray and loss,
Shroud disheveled, Napkin folded trim,
Mary's cheeks, great tears did cross.

His Tomb, so vacant, Jesus dead,
They searched, but couldn't find;
Angels appeared, at foot and head,
'Not Dead,' they said, 'Search in kind.'

Most all knows the story,
Of His sacrifice, on the Cross,
How He went on to His Glory,
Redeeming mankind from Sinning-Loss.

Yes, Jesus took our Sin, right into the grave,
Where all Sin eternally will reside,
As His Bride, from death, He does stave,
Sacrifice accepted, from death, we need not hide.

On that Fate-filled Sunday Morning,
Mary, at the Tomb, went inside,
She went to do a Funeral cleansing;
But, Death and Resurrection, made us Bride.


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