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Star Spangled Banter

Posted Saturday, April 7, 2012, at 8:50 PM

Volcano's, and Earth Quakes, Tsunami's a-washing, Drought killing cattle, and Comets a-flashing, These are a few of His warnings to me,....and you.... What then, does He want us to dooooo?
Star Spangled Banter
By Arley Steinhour 040712

Star Spangled Banner should not just be played,
Star Spangled Banner should also be Prayed,
Too many men, in the cold sod are laid,
For God's blessings of Freedom to fade.

Suffering hunger and cold, every one,
As their monies bought powder, and shot.
With their private owned gun,
For our Freedom, they fought,

Standard, Red, White, and Blue,
Through every perilous fight,
Required their hearts to be True,
To honor those who won't see next day's light.

Look down at your un-calloused hands,
Shake freely, your well shod feet,
There find no chain, or bands,
As God's Blessing is our True Meat.

The Decalogue stands perfect in Law,
Forefathers Wisdom did set them in place,
Lately, we've change them into weed straw,
God's Wrath will soon take Freedoms Grace.

Visions and Dreams, by Sister's and Brother's,
Shout that Repentance by all, sorely needing,
Wrapped in prayer, may defray His Orders,
'To Babylon, handed, for Slavery Seeding.'

Star Spangled Banner, is tattered and torn,
It be that, from the way that we've fallen,
Political Correctness, mingles Tare with the Corn,
Today, Christians are naught more than Pollen.

Only True Christians will understand WHY.
Christians are they, watching the SKY,
God owns everything in Freedoms PIE.
Repent, or our People and Country WILL DIE.

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