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Posted Monday, April 2, 2012, at 7:36 PM

The Parachute, the basic kind, keeps you from flying with no class, and keeps flight from being difficult, so you go slow, or stop, above the grass (Under is not an option).
Viewing a video/clip, today, when I forwarded it on, the below sort of popped out of my echo-chamber. The story is about a pilot who was shot down, over Vietnam, and spent six long years at the Hanoi Hilton. After release, and recovery (as well as one can), he was accosted, one day by a stranger, who seemed to know him, and confessed he had rigged the parachute the pilot had used that fateful day.

The ex-pilot, and Christian, teaches, and preaches, about how many parachutes a person needs in their mortality. From that story, which I do not do justice, came the below:

By Arley Steinhour 040212

How many parachutes do I wear,
In this life I muddle through,
Some folk never seem to care,
But, I'm proud to say it's you.

Each and every person here,
Plus many without name,
Packed mine with Christian cheer,
So none of you bear shame.

Alone, I want for nothing,
As there'd be nothing there,
Jesus does my noting,
His Love with you I share.

The season is getting shorter,
For a time, the 'Son' won't shine,
The beast will give no quarter,
Until Jesus again says 'They're Mine.'

So keep your spirits flying,
And whenever you think you'll crash,
Remember the Folds, He's tying,
Into your Parachute, and Safety 'Stash.'

This is my prayer, for you, one and all, even if you do not know that you, too, are one of my many parachutes.

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