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Christian Sanity Lost

Posted Monday, April 2, 2012, at 11:30 AM

Yet, another Child is Dead, Place the Blame on Mankind's Head, How in conscience, can We go to Bed, When our Blessing Ink is Naught but RED?
Christian Sanity Lost
By Arley Steinhour 040212

This morning I must have a say,
This article says much to me,
How shoddy be News coverage today,
And, how deep Social problems be.

Martins death, similar yet different,
Compared, In many subtle ways,
Shows that our country is Hell-bent,
As Satan rules these last days.

This leads to the full story,
Compare with what you know,
We can't give God this Glory,
Only, to he who rules below.

Our Blessings may be over,
Our Way, racing off to Hell,
Unless Jesus, does all sin cover,
Before He Rings, the Final Bell.

Should this ripe, Satanic Mania,
Confuse the strongest heart,
Think back near Two Millennia,
To when Jesus played His Part;

God came to earth, as Son of Man,
To Redeem us, from Adam's Sin,
Soon, phase-three, of His Royal Plan,
Millennial Kingdom, Believers Win.

So, Decry this society of violence,
Focus energy on giving helping hand,
So our hearts can gain perfect balance,
And all can live in God's perfect Land.


Now that I have had my say, I turn you over to why I play, this game of Faith every day, and to offer poetic sway:

With all that is transpiring, with the Martin death, at the hand of a Neighborhood(y) (emphasis mine) Watch patrolman, being called atrocity, cold-blooded murder, and many other heinous names, why is it, an incident where a two year old girl is shot to death, sitting on her homes, front porch, apparently by gang-members, receives so little press? This, IMO, jumps out at me, and hopefully you. But, there is another hint, of yet another story, about our Familial Society, also imbedded in the story (hint, notice all the last names, even of the child). But, I won't go there, only offer that Biblical peek.

Tribune address: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local...

A person could, again IMO, Biblically study for quite some time, just on all the factions of this overall life story, of this child, and her family and neighborhood surrounding.

In Messiah, I keep the watch.

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