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Pink Slime

Posted Saturday, March 31, 2012, at 12:20 PM

Opinion is what I offer, growing up under 'Poor-folk' name, This looks as good as 'Space-food,' of Astronautic fame, Burgers, once, were looked down on too, Until a Clown sold them to you.
Pink Slime
By Arley Steinhour 033112

Hamburger came from 'Trimmings' left,
It wasn't Prime Sirloin Steak,
So poor folks be not meat bereft,
Bun held meat is what they make.

Today, we're in a quandary,
'Pink Slime,' has come to town,
We'd think they selling dirty laundry,
Or skin and bone, instead of 'Round.'

The food that's called Pink Slime, by name,
Is just more inclusive burger meat,
The rich folk out there, play a food game,
To keep the poor from having food to eat.

Treatment of the product, you see,
Makes it last a long, long, time,
In times of great emergency,
Everyone can eat, just fine.

As a child, back in Forty-four,
Other children made fun of me,
My family ate burger, not much more,
Yet, I grew to look like a tree.

Pink Slime looks so handy,
Just slice a patty to cook,
For a meal in a bun, it's dandy,
It should have a place in the Cook-book.

Sprinkle some salt and pepper on,
Powder of onion and garlic too,
With medium heat, cook till done,
To make a believer out of you.


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