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Signed Sealed Delivered

Posted Wednesday, March 28, 2012, at 3:07 PM

Cool but haunting Lights, Hot Seat of Pants, So many Prophetic sights, Make us all just feel like ants. Today is great to change the heart, Tomorrow may never come, Be Right with Jesus from the start, Refusers be kind-of-glum.
Signed Sealed Delivered
By Arley Steinhour 032812

Hours long, hours short,
There's only twenty-four,
To read another news report,
Then fall asleep on bed or floor.

Between each article I read,
Lord, I come to you, in prayer,
To ask you if you do heed,
The scenes I see out there;

Scenes of great destruction,
Scenes of death and pain,
Like words from your Instruction,
Tribulation falls like rain.

Earthquakes shake the surface,
From deep within the earth,
People walk like Clown in Circus,
Except, with little mirth.

Volcano's erupting, not a few,
Magma seeks a way to blow,
Lava flows so hot and true,
Its nighttime beauty steals the show.

Creatures dying most everywhere,
Birds falling from the sky,
Good reason is the unanswered share,
Seems no one knows quite why.

Creatures, surface, thought long dead,
A million years ago, or more,
Kind of does things to one's head,
With all that happens, shore to shore.

Reasons for this haunting,
Comes from ancient Seer days,
Bible, Mayan, or people flaunting,
Prophets, or some with eyes a-glaze.

They tend to say the same thing,
Guess You let more than one group know,
We are about to feel the sting,
For not letting YOU run the show.

So, if we want to smack a jaw,
Or cry upon sympathetic shoulder,
Smack our self, if that be the law,
Or cry to YOU, who's so much older.

The blame rests squarely on our back,
We walked away from Creator,
Now, soon, You give a bunch the 'Sack,'
We, Reborn, will be spectator.

There is a way to guarantee,
A joyously full eternity,
Turn the heart to Jesus, and see,
The beauty of where I plan to be.


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