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Rapture Call

Posted Sunday, March 11, 2012, at 2:57 PM

I'd betcha He knows the 'Day and Hour' now, while we still need use 'Soon.' He will call us, to top of mountain, side of cloud, or even to the 'Moon.'
Rapture Call
By Arley Steinhour 031112

How do we come before your throne,
All as one, yet each alone,
At Bema Judgment, you we stand before,
There is none other, reward, the chore.

Satan will try to scream and shout,
You look at our Sins, and throw them out,
You gently hear his loud tirade,
With smile on face, say, 'Price is paid.'

Soon you come, high in the sky,
Those you take, will never die,
We Graduate, you take us home,
We are the Bride, yours alone.

In your hand pure, our good deeds,
Dross burned away, unwanted weeds,
Rub hands together, all takes shape,
Give us our crown, jeweled at the nape.

How do you do that, I wonder much,
It's just a part of your Loving touch,
Your hug, around my shoulders, strong,
Kiss on cheek, that lasts so long,

Welcomed Home, and at your side,
You be ours, we are your Bride,
Our Home ready, all things free,
Together with you, Eternally.


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