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The Masters Ride

Posted Thursday, March 1, 2012, at 2:39 PM

The time is coming, very soon, midnight, or perhaps high noon, when the master comes again this way, to close this Time that now holds sway. He may have a special horse to ride, I'm fairly sure, but, you decide.
The Masters Ride
By Arley Steinhour 030112

There lives a Great White Stallion,
In Heaven's Meadow, so Sublime,
At a show, win Top Medallion,
With Conformation's Perfect Line.

Groomed unto perfection,
Not a hair found out of place,
Always ready for inspection,
Always ready for to race.

This Mighty Steed, un-ridden,
Not once a leg upon it's back,
All souls know that's forbidden,
No saddle nor bridle in the Tack.

Every step a joyous prancing,
Every look, a steely stare,
Movement just like ballet dancing,
Never once had it a care.

Nostrils, flare with gentile quiver,
at the scent within the air,
So welcome that the neck did shiver,
Anticipating who comes there.

Stallion's, showmanship of prancing,
Now lifts hooves with Regal Air,
Master's footsteps, soft advancing,
Raise anticipation beyond compare.

Slowly, softly, with cooing voice,
The Master greets the Stallions love,
Softly offering its nose a choice,
Of a rub, or treat held in the glove.

Stallion opts, of course, for sweet treat,
Knows, the rub is soon to follow,
But, the Masters voice is extra sweet,
Speaks to Stallion, as a trusted fellow:

"You've waited long, to sing your song,
'War Horse,' your family tree,
Today, we blow Trumpet, loud and long,
As we set our people free;

'Time of the Gentile,' we now close,
Satan jailed a Thousand years,
We'll rule on earth, iron rod impose,
My Kingdom, with no War, no Fears."

The Master grabbed a hank of hair,
Swung strong upon Stallions back,
Stallion felt the joy, to have Him there,
One mount, and knew it's life track.

Head held high, neck bent to charge,
Master secure, and mounted strong,
From His mouth, a sword so large,
There'd be a battle, before long.

The pure and shining whiteness,
Of the Masters Robes turned Red,
On thigh, 'King of Kings,' to witness,
In this battle, Masters blood already shed.

To realize honored End Time role,
Proud to serve, is Stallions heart,
Helping God, the King, of every soul,
Knows God has blessed it to its part.


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