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Everlasting Dream

Posted Tuesday, February 28, 2012, at 8:23 PM

Eternal Home, is where we will be, when all is said and done, but, only if Jesus owns your heart through His Gift of Salvation. We're running out of time quite soon, can't say when that will be. Look around and read The Book, you might see what I see.
Everlasting Dream
By Arley Steinhour 022812

I woke up, in the dark of night,
Audio Bible playing crisp and clear,
A dream I'd had, like shining light,
Filled my thoughts that you were here.

Upset when folks say this Nation,
Has naught to do with you,
With voice full of consternation,
You said, you had set a seal so true.

In the Bay of the New City,
Stands 'Liberty, 'flame held high,
'Come to me, all needing pity,
Walk free, with me, not cry.'

'Liberty,' she be the marker,
Island, Ellis be the Seal,
Seekers come from freedoms darker,
Pursuit of happiness, here to feel.

Inside, they shed all they've left behind,
The Sin, and Pain, and Death,
Step into Sunlight, equal in kind,
To forever draw freedoms breath;

Eager for the work at hand,
To fill hearts with freedoms call,
Become a new One Nation Band,
Nevermore to be treated Small.

The new way was quite strange at first,
Took some folk years to pass the test,
Rewards were bound by input, and thirst,
Work in, Reward out, Pride in self, the best.

Knowing, they must pass along,
That which feeds our Freedom Call,
Children, to learn the freedom song,
To never allow their freedoms to fall.

Alas, the children shirked their sway,
Island, Ellis, set aside, forlorn,
They found Welfare, 'no work, with pay,'
Freedom song, heard, as if unborn.

It didn't seem to take that long,
To stifle the flame of freedom's sway,
They found they could sing a new law-song,
Tax the dumb, hard worker, for more pay.

Working folk, locked into paying bills,
has finally had more than enough,
Welfare rolls swollen into Mountainous Hills,
They'll not pay for non-workers stuff.

Immigration is a whole lot like Jesus,
He loves, and cares, and saves,
Until, the people quit working for His trust,
Coming soon, He will make new ways.

There's going to be a shake-up, soon,
The Sheep and the Goats, sorted out,
Sheep on Earth, Goats to Judgment room,
He'll Rule, with the Rod, and Great Clout.

A Thousand years, of Perfect Rule,
King of Kings and mankind; in charge,
To break God's way, a man be a Fool,
Fool Crowd, at the end, quite large.

Satan released; the 'Fools,' his own,
With new tools of War, they Rage,
Jesus speaks, they die, and gone,
Satan to Lake of Fire, end of page.

I won't mention Great White Throne,
Most know what goes on there,
The 'Sheep' go on to Glory Land,
The 'Goat,' to Fire, you know where.

This be the end of History,
The clock will run no more,
Back to one day called Eternity,
God, and Family, ever more.


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