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Penny Postcards and History

Posted Monday, February 27, 2012, at 1:45 PM

When life needed fitting shoes, and gloves for working hand, Life, both full, and simple, was enjoyed throughout the land.
Recept of an e-mail, with the address, at the bottom, caused me to author this:

Penny Postcards and History
By Arley Steinhour 022712

Looking back, to the early days, of USA Historiology,
Catch a tad of simple life, before TV or Electricity.

Dirt street abounding, neon not hounding, a world, both simple and Free,
Life filled at fifty, work done by dark, when no longer could one see.

Ah, yes, those were the simple days, life filled to brim with living,
No side effects from medicine, no reason not to be giving.

The beauty of the butterfly, was quite a sight to see,
To ponder something truly deep, study on a tree.

There was one day for leisure, Sunday always came,
God and Church, then picnic fishing, at pond, that had a 'Name.'

The dark side still was Satan, no other brought such fear,
Except, Polio, or TB, with Pneumonia always near.

Today, some say, 'See, those are gone;' little do they see,
Crippling diseases simply replace by a worse catastrophe.

But, I didn't come to sing a dirge, but offer History,
Of simple times, in story rhyme, like circles on a tree.

The fresh, new day we enter, as the sun does welcome rise,
Won't take that long to be History, in somebody else's eyes.

Enjoy the life that's give you, that means the here and now,
Reflect upon the things that were, after sweating on the plow.

A part of now, and historic view, holds promise, oh so true,
We can have eternal memory, of wonders making me and you.

Just turn your heart to the Scientist, who made this whole world up,
Jesus has plans for everyone, if we ask, He fills our eternal cup.



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