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Posted Saturday, February 25, 2012, at 10:19 PM

ON DECK, this is the Captain. I SAID, Over the Bow, not Through It!! (Dramatic license)

By Arley Steinhour 022612

Love you Lord, Yes I do,
Glad I turned my heart to you,
Waiting for that fateful day,
When you come take us away.

If my life can't wait Rapture out,
Still coming Home with Yeee-Haaa shout,
Singing loudly, all the way,
To be with you, eternal day.

Signs of oncoming Tribulation,
Travail of earth, every Nation,
Divers places shaking strong,
Critters singing a mournful song.

Certain people, do complain,
Especially when it's financial pain,
Satan knows the strings to pull,
To make us itch, like wearing wool.

He's got me itching, head to toe,
If I'm wrong, I'll need to change my know,
'To insure that some folk we don't offend,'
He wants to change your Book, end to end.

Change words, to fit the Arab mind,
No Father, Son, Spirit, will you find,
God of One, devoid of a Son,
'Allah,' and 'Prophet,' Two, not One.

For 'peace,' there be only one name, 'Allah,'
Arabic, for Hebrew Elohim (GOD), (my PSHAW!),
One change to my Bible, too much subversion,
Relent once, more demanded, excessive conversion.

The problem, to fester, might take a while,
All of that time only Muslim's will smile,
Knowing that they have cheated our God,
It's Jesus Believers, who will suffer the Rod.

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