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Richard and Shirleys Path

Posted Sunday, February 19, 2012, at 4:18 PM

Eternal Bride to Christ, our King, The man who is also God, And every-so-often, also in Mortality. Perfection in relationship, in Mortality, can still run into trouble, and despair. Eternal Bride also, Shirley is, for Christ, and also Richard. Jesus called her Home, three years ago, after only twenty seven married years. Now, for a while Richard waits his turn, to be reunited in Kingdom Home, for eternal enjoyment with what we all would love to have, a double-barreled Love.
I was asked, by a Christian brother to author a tribute poem, to his love for his recently departed wife, and her love for him, coupled with their love for her son, who graced their marriage/mortal life.
With Richard's permission, to do so, I offer something I have never authored prior to this, a double-barreled, obliquely angled, praise to God, and Love.

Richard and Shirleys Path
By Arley Steinhour 021712

Words to you, Kent, and God:

Dear brother, Richard, here I start,
You ask the difficult of me,
As if I could ever know your heart,
I could know your Family Tree.

Your request rang to my poetic vein,
Three times, I put my 'verser' in gear,
Hoping words would flow like healing rain,
Three times, that 'verser,' I just couldn't steer.

The feelings you expressed to me,
Few Mortal people seem to have in kind,
Your feelings, though, I can never see,
For, only your two lives were full-entwined.

I can, however, hover near,
Give you hint of what I see,
Maybe find a rhyme to bend your ear,
Or, at least to liven up a mournful plea.

So, Shirley "passed, three years ago,"
Or, did she really 'Graduate?'
God blessed St. Patrick's day, you know,
She closed that day, just great.

To God, she gave her 'Lenten' pain,
As she lifted Home to Him,
Soon together, she and you, again,
Both then be forever young and trim.

"Forever love, and Precious stone,"
Words both eloquent, and strong,
'Missing her daily, as if alone,'
Soon with her there, before too long.

You "crave to see her, to caress,
Love and oneness, eternal feel,"
Memories of Ruby love so precious,
Few mortals can know how real.

Ten years, she suffered, through her strife,
I see no complaint from you,
Retired early to serve her fragile life,
As any 'True-Lover' gladly do.

The loneliness your heart does feel,
The empty spot within the heather,
It's polishing your eternal Seal,
When you and Shirley, will be one, again, forever.

How many years ago did you,
Take Shirley for your wife,
How many years ago did God,
Help Shirley bless and fill your life?

You say you two became as 'One,'
Some thirty years ago,
For Twenty, Shirley and her Son,
Joyous filled your life, on earth below.

Shirley, wrapped you like 'Rubie' shoulder cape,
Kent, soon, beloved son so True,
Love only grew, naught could dissipate,
The family blessing, God had given you.

So, weep not, worthy man of God,
You passed the test of time,
Look up, and smile in anticipation,
Celebrate, Shirley with God, and do not pine.


Words to God, with cc-you, and Kent:

Dear Father God,
I may have found a mortal love,
That spans both Space and Time,
Ordained, I feel, from you, above,
Before me placed, so I might make it rhyme.

I now know part of their story,
Of love so deep and warm,
Still married to her even now, with her in glory,
as Richard weathers his mortal storm.

You took her Home, three years ago,
Ten years she suffered hard and long,
Perhaps you kept her here to show,
How life can be stomped, yet sing a song.

Second time around for both,
Richard and Shirley Carey,
Twenty years of bliss from Marriage oath,
Oh, wondrous day that they did marry.

More precious, she to him, than rubies could impart,
For her, no hero on Silver-screen could best,
Her son, Kent, for Rich, like cake, frosting to his heart,
But, alas, then came that crucial test.

Richard received the opportunity,
To show Shirley just how much he could love,
To lock together their hearts for eternity,
With help from your blessings up above.

Ten years tempered the bonds of their true love,
As Shirley weakened, Bonding found greater strength,
Softly, warmly, Shirley graduated, to You, above,
Richard and Todd, left to mourn at length.

In the corners, of the silent home,
Richard strains to hear her hymn,
Longing for one misty glance to glom,
Please smile upon their ministry, and them.


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