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Posted Wednesday, February 15, 2012, at 10:42 AM

Coffee at the Breakfast nook, is way beyond my word, Inadequate for emotion felt, but my gasp was never heard.
By Arley Steinhour 021512

Praise to you, oh Lord my God,
With me, both day and night,
Guiding and protecting me,
With your Holy Spirit Light.

Somewhere in the dark of sleep,
A dream of you did come to me,
It was early in the morning light,
You'd poured me a cup of coffee.

My mind was kind of in a fog,
As I raised my cup to sip,
First thing noted, fragrance,
Like being at sea, without a ship.

Lifting mug some closer,
I saw it was half full,
Liquid, warm, thick, and steamy,
With the strength of Papal Bull.

I knew my mind was playing,
A joke upon itself,
I was almost visualizing,
Children dancing on meadow shelf.

Closer to my lips the liquid came,
Gently crossing threshold to my life,
Blossoms bloomed, Music Sailed,
Imagine total absence of any strife.

The coffee didn't just pass by,
It refreshed my totality,
Warm, strong, smooth, sweet,
I've never felt so Loved and Free.

I hadn't even yet began to swallow,
What would happen, once a part of me,
To 'swallow' anything of God,
Makes you part of His Family.

I already know that answer,
As He smiled and bent my ear,
"Come, take part in the whole meal,
I have your reservation held right here."

We're standing in the kitchen,
Breakfast foods cooking all around,
I cannot take you to that part,
'Insufficient memory,' my PC found.

I share with you a small part,
So you can have a hint or two,
of my wake-up call, with God, to start,
What Jesus wants to do for you.

Heaven's more than a cup of coffee,
Far, Far, more than just a meal,
Eternal gifts beyond our wildest dream,
As we 'Taste' His coffee, at 'Gate Entry Meal.'

What did it taste like, you might ask,
There's no words for me to tell,
Every soul receives a 'Gate-Taste,'
I mourn for those who taste, at the 'Gate of Hell.'


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